SIXTEEN:NINE: "IAdea Ships Small Smart Displays With Built-in Meeting Room Availability Light Bars" - IAdea

The meeting room signs market has grown to a point now that hardware manufacturers now make red and green LED colour bars part of the regular kit they sell with small, all-in-one displays.

It wasn’t long ago, at all, that digital meeting room signs were pretty much done with consumer tablets or small open-frame LCDs. A lot of the companies who got into the space early had custom displays manufactured. Now companies like IAdea are shipping all-in-one smart displays that come with light bars along the left and right sides of the panel – used to make office workers aware from a distance whether rooms down a hallway are booked or free.

The 10.1-inch Signboards, which can also run off Power Over Ethernet (meaning no need for an additional power cable), have been married with Signagelive’s content management platform, which has a calendar widget that ties into meeting room management and calendar system commonly used in workplaces.

Versions of the edge-lighting are also being marketed by IAdea for use in retail – with the premise that edge lighting can match colours to products or brand colours on shelf-edge or merchandise counter displays.


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