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The new Smartsign 7.4 added even better support for IAdea SMIL players. Real-time business analytics display KPIs via HTML5. New user interface Quick Publish and SMIL support for remote upgrades and configuration.

Smartsign has just shared the following exciting information with us.

Smartsign extends the functionality to connect IAdea SMIL players to Smartsign Manager. Smartsign supports the option to book different types of content on a IAdea SMIL player. Besides formats such as PowerPoint, video, Adobe PDF, you can also book RSS and Web sites.

“Many large companies use Smartsign and IAdea SMIL players to show key performance indicators and inform employees.” According to Smartsign’s CEO Johan Peters. “Thus, these companies have streamlined the flow of information and increased productivity. With the new version of IAdea SMIL players with HTML5 support can KPIs be shown in real time.”

A new user interface Smartsign Quick Publish. The end user do not need any training and it is easy and quick. You can control the three different playlists by selecting the days, times, and priority. For example, you can display a message at lunch and another at night. You can easily and quickly add pictures, movies and other content. The news is written directly in the user interface. You can mix your own news with external RSS feeds. This is a perfect way for a manager to easily inform their employees.

With Smartsign Manager 7.4 you can remotely configure IAdea SMIL players. It is both restarting the media player and remote upgrade of IAdea firm ware. Furthermore, an extensive support to see what settings the media players has. All settings that can be done with a USB keyboard can be done thru Smartsign Manager.

This function has a significant impact on one of the leading companies in power and automation technologies. They have screens on several different sites with different editors. The screens are connected to a shared server. With support for remote firmware upgrade and configuration, each site is handled in a simple and effective way.

Smartsign works with IAdea media appliances and digital signboards which are distributed by IAdea distributors worldwide.


About Smartsign

Smartsign Manager is one of the leading software for Digital Signage. The platform is based on openness in which any computer and media player can be used. The media player will either be Windows compatible and support the open standard SMIL.

Smartsign’s software features an intuitive interface. Using a web browser and/or a Smartsign Sync application, users can easily schedule media loops to play during parts of the day with multiple scheduling functions. Playlists can be assigned a priority, which allows important messages to override currently playing content. Media types supported includes popular video and picture formats as well as PowerPoint slideshow.

Smartsign Manager has been purchased by more than 1200+ companies in 20 countries.

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