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It’s all about security, security and security.

HID Global is a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions. Its products and solutions are widely adopted by many Fortune 500s and government departments.

In this article, we’ll explain how Solution Providers (SPs) can leverage IAdea’s access and room booking HID-certified solutions to win projects and open tenders from organizations that already utilize HID.


Why HID?

For organizations that demand better protection from both real and anticipated threats, using an encrypted access control system is absolutely essential. Certified-HID readers and solutions enable higher security and privacy by using an encrypted key and access control data. A comparison can be seen below.

Non-HID Readers HID-Certified Readers
Only read a card’s UID, which is unencrypted State-of-the-art cryptography provides mutual authentication and data encryption
Not secure and can be easily cloned Card sessions leave no traceable identifiers, enhancing privacy and preventing cloning
Proprietary contactless communication standard Industry-accepted open standard for contactless communication
Vulnerable to common attacks High resistance to common attacks (man in the middle, replay attacks, etc.)

HID or Nothing

For these reasons, organizations and government departments will not—or cannot due to policy—accept non-HID compatible readers for access control.

SPs, with the ability to offer HID-compatible readers, can gain an edge over competitors and a foot in the door to win contracts and larger projects with higher-stakes organizations.

A Rare Find

In the Facility Management industry, it’s rare to find an HID-certified room booking panel manufacturer, with IAdea being one of the very few.

The fully-integrated HID modules in IAdea’s panels are not only capable of reading the key and data from HID cards, but also come with more benefits for solution providers, such as:

  • Aesthetic appeal — all-in-one design with necessary functionality in built to maintain a slick exterior
  • Clean and easy installation — PoE capable and built-in readers
  • Advanced features:
    • HID Mobile Access support
    • Well-established APIs for rapid integration
    • Customizable firmware to fit organizational needs

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With over 20 years’ experience, IAdea’s products enable smooth and quick integration for effective business development for Solution Providers. Contact for more information.

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