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Signagelive and IAdea have pooled their expertise to develop what they say is a ‘first of its kind’ media player enabling digital signage users to deploy and manage interactive 4K content affordably.

The two companies have developed a next generation, small form factor media player which delivers 4K capabilities.

The IAdea media appliances, which are powered by Signagelive’s cloud-based SoC (system on chip), are designed to make 4K content available for commercial digital signage usage such as retail, at an affordable price point.

Jason Cremins, Signagelive chief executive, says 4K and ultra HD content is becoming increasingly desirable for retail digital signage applications because of the wow factor effect it has on consumers.

“The Signagelive/IAdea combined offering allows retailers to deliver interactive 4K content on already installed infrastructure for minimal investment and benefit from increased sales as a result,” Cremins says.

The Armoroid 4K XMP-7300 player, powered by Signagelive’s cloud-based SoC and HTML5 software, can be used to connect 4K displays, regardless of size, orientation or type, over LAN to deliver dynamic 4K content that until now has only been possible on high-spec Windows PCs, Signagelive says.

The companies say the new player delivers 4K capabilities twice as powerful as those of conventional PCs for video, HTML5 and images, enabling large retailers to create ‘true to life content’ and add the wow factor to promotional activities.

The new player, which is based on IAdea’s flagship digital signage platform, is fully compatible with Signagelive’s newest SoC software version with web triggering, NFC and Beacon functionality.

“Digital signage users can therefore incorporate contextual and responsive signage into their marketing campaigns for enhanced engagement and interactivity without needing to purchase any additional equipment,” Signagelive says.

Large-scale digital signage networks which support 4K content can be rolled out quickly on already installed infrastructures and 4K display devices, providing ‘significant’ cost savings and ensuring the networks are future-ready as 4K content becomes more prevalent.

John Wang, IAdea chief executive, says with Signagelive’s extended SMIL support, the joint solution achieves maximum performance possible from an IAdea device, including support for fluid 60FPS video playback.

“The result is a platform that meets the most demanding requirements of digital signage projects out there,” Wang says.


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