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Video walls at Dexter London Estate Agents

Dexters is London’s leading independent estate agency. With 28 offices in Central London, and over 60 across the wider London area, these property experts have developed a solid reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Archers: The Delivery Partner

Archers is a long established, leading signage and display specialist. Well respected for their refurbishment and build services as well, the company has delivered fresh, new contemporary spaces for several leading London business premises. While working with London estate agent Dexters to update their offices, Archers needed a partner to support the video walls requirement of the project, and turned to Westbase.

The Challenge

To provide digital video walls across 55 of Dexters’ office spaces for maximum visual impact.

The Westbase Solution

IAdea XMP-6250 media players to deliver and manage content

+ On-hand technical advice and expertise during testing and roll-out

+ Enabling striking digital video wall displays across multiple locations

The Results

+ 150 media players deployed across 55 locations

+ Impressive visual impact with video walls rolled out as part of the contemporary office refurbishment

+ Ability to share relevant, up-to-date and engaging content with customers in each office

When Westbase were approached by Archers to deliver the Dexters solution, it was not a decision solely based on Westbase’s reputation; as Westbase is the principal IAdea distributor in the UK and across Europe, it was also a logical fit.

IAdea is the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge digital signage solutions, powering over 150,000 displays worldwide and Westbase identified their XMP-6250 HD media player as the best fit product. After it was thoroughly tested by Archers to ensure it met all requirements, it was selected to deliver and manage content for the Dexters video walls.

As well as supplying the hardware, Westbase were also able to provide technical expertise and support throughout both the testing and roll-out phases to ensure a smooth, successful deployment.

The estate agency business is more competitive than most, and with high street presence an essential part of attracting customers, having immediate visibility and curb-side appeal is imperative. The impressive digital walls combined with the broader Archers’ interior scheme updates have helped to achieve this desired maximum high street impact and engagement for Dexters.

“Project managing the rebrand of 55 offices across London, we knew from the beginning we needed a forward thinking, reliable technology partner. Westbase was an obvious choice for us as they offered exactly the right product for our design specification and worked closely with us to deliver the installation across multiple locations on an extremely tight deadline.” – Paul Newman, Sales Director at Archers

Please note: The IAdea XMP-7300 is our latest and recommended product for video wall displays. Click here to read more about this industry-leading media player.

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