IAdea Players Power the World's Largest Video Game Retailer with Signagelive - IAdea

Signagelive explained in detail about why IAdea was selected.

The digital signage network is based on MBR-1100 media players, supplied by IAdea and powered by Signagelive’s SoC software. The MBR-1100 is a powerful palm-size, device that supports HD video capabilities normally associated with high-spec Windows PCs. Using IAdea’s small form factor media players and Signageliv’s cloud based software, Cedemo has been able to rollout an international digital signage network utilizing already installed LCD TVs, resulting in significant infrastructure savings and reduced content update lead times.

We thank Signagelive and Sixteen:Nine for the mention. Read more about the IAdea-Signagelive synergy at the newly published microsite about IAdea.

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