Passengers are Safe and Entertained with the New Media Channel: EcoMedia™ and IAdea in Latvia’s “Nordeka” Intercity Buses - IAdea

Media player installed in Latvia's Nordeka intercity buses

TAIPEI, Taiwan; Latvia. November 8, 2016 – It has been more than a half year since passenger trips of the biggest Latvian carrier AS “Nordeka” have become more interesting and diverse, thanks to the launch of the EcoMedia™ information media channel. According to Digital Signage Today, a recent survey conducted by StickerRide, an advertising platform, shows that consumers find conventional OOH (out of home) advertising boring. EcoMedia™ and IAdea understand what today’s consumers are longing for, bringing Latvia’s travelers the most dynamic, and the most enriched advertising experience on the bus.


EcoMedia™ media-channel is broadcasted on high-quality LCD passenger information system (PIS), powered by IAdea smart signboard solutions. Deployed on 100 buses, the PIS keeps travelers informed and entertained with information on upcoming bus stations, weather forecast, breaking news, latest advertisements, fun trivia about Latvia, and more. The all-in-one IAdea signboard, the heart of the PIS solution engine, is a compact, no-hassle device equipped with durable anti-scratch tempered glass for the highest level of protection. Featuring full HD 1080p playback, the display delivers the most satisfying visual experience to its audiences, whether it’s in landscape or portrait.


The results of the project implementation:

  • In collaboration with the CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) we have managed to significantly improve the safety of passenger transportation. Bus drivers ascertain the fact that passengers began to react to the messages shown on monitors, including safety rules and regulation, and increasingly fasten seat belts while traveling.
  • Broadcasting of advertising lottery of Hockey Team “Dinamo” on bus- screens through EcoMedia™ platform, has caused great interest, and the number of lottery- participants increased in 5 times compared with previous years.
  • Advertisers are getting a good return from advertising goods and services, since during the long time on the way, passengers genuinely seek for distraction on the bus, same as travelers waiting at the airport. The EcoMedia™ and IAdea solution provide a cozy environment for passengers to pass time learning about the latest news topics, receiving advertising messages, and the best part is, visiting shopping sites directly while the advertisement is still on. Reports show that passengers make purchases right from the bus! The free Wi-Fi on the bus offered by AS “Nordeka” company makes the magic happen!


Integration of EcoMedia™ has both significantly improved passenger service in AS “Nordeka” busses and level of their safety on the road. Additionally, along the route of the bus, EcoMedia™ media-channel informs passengers about the sights they are passing, activities and events occurring Riga and regions.


IAdea’s solutions have been “partners in advertising” with many public transit organizations around the world. Primary factors for IAdea to win projects include the rugged, robust design ensuring around-the-clock operation throughout travels, plus the best signal management in the industry delivering the no latency, no-downtime and always-on performance that is the number 1 priority for transit system integrators and in-train media advertising agencies. EcoMedia™ selected the 23” model and currently the 21” version, XDS-2170, (now XDS-2170) is its sister product line.


The survey among passengers is planned to be conducted on, following the results of current period of EcoMedia ™ exploitation.




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