rAve: Signagelive and IAdea Partner for 4K Player - IAdea

iadea-XMP-7300-P01-0416Signagelive and IAdea have collaborated in the development of a digital signage media player they are calling the Armoroid 4K (XMP-7300). The Armoroid 4K XMP-7300 player, powered by Signagelive’s cloud-based SoC and HTML5 software, can be used to connect 4K displays, regardless of size, orientation or type, over LAN to deliver dynamic 4K content that, until now, has only been possible on high-spec Windows PCs.

The new Armoroid 4K XMP-7300 player is based on IAdea’s flagship digital signage platform and are compliant with WC3 SMIL open standards. Thus, it’s compatible with Signagelive’s newest System on Chip (SoC) software version with web triggering, NFC and Beacon functionality. Digital signage users can therefore incorporate contextual and responsive signage into their marketing campaigns for enhanced engagement and interactivity without needing to purchase any additional equipment.

Signagelive SoC and HTML5 software provides full support for different content formats including static images, video, HDMI input, IPTV, web pages, RSS feeds and integrates with QR code technology and all common social media widgets to increase engagement and enhance ePoS activities.

Here are all the complete specs.

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