Signagelive 4K Showreel for IAdea XMP-7300 4K digital signage player
from Signagelive on Vimeo.


Signagelive on Vimeo

Launched at ISE, which took place in Amsterdam earlier this year, this first of its kind media players (branded as the Armoroid™ 4K” XMP-7300 player) has been specifically designed to make 4K content available for commercial usage such as retail at an affordable price-point. The Armoroid™ 4K XMP-7300 player, powered by Signagelive’s cloud-based software, can be used to connect 4K displays, regardless of size, orientation or type, over LAN to deliver dynamic 4K content that, until now, has only been possible on high-spec Windows PCs.

The new Armoroid™ 4K” XMP-7300 player is IAdea’s flagship digital signage player is compliant with WC3 SMIL open standards. It comprises no moving parts, such as cooling fans, making it extremely robust and easy to install in tight spaces. Additionally, the new player delivers 4K capabilities twice as powerful as those of conventional PCs (typically 60 FPS) for video, HTML5 and images, enabling large retailers to create true-to life content, thus adding the “wow factor” to their promotional activities.



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