Stinova Composer Brings Multi-zone Feature to IAdea SMIL Players - IAdea

Quickly following their initial announcement last month to support SMIL devices, Stinova is adding the much-anticipated multi-zone feature for IAdea’s SMIL media players including the Full-HD XMP-320 and wireless XMP-330 devices.

Multi-zone features allow users to create independently looping content over multiple areas of the screen, providing consistent screen design identity while displaying dynamic information. It can useful in implementing electronic menu boards, corporate bulletins, university whiteboards, etc.

By supporting multi-zone playlists, Stinova sets itself apart from the average digital signage software and offers IAdea customers a great tool to enable rich media content on SMIL-based HD media appliances.

Customers interested in learning more about Stinova’s WEB Composer should visit its page or Stinova’s SMIL portal for more information. Free trial is available for customers to experience the capability of the new features.

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