InfoComm Show Daily: "AdMobilize Analytics Now Available for IAdea Media Player" - IAdea


Further expanding its global partnership network, AdMobilize’s Audience Analytics System is now available to be integrated with the IAdea XMP-7300 media player. AdMobilize and IAdea are demonstrating the integrated solution at InfoComm 2018 at both the AdMobilize and IAdea booths (N3536 and N3238, respectively). Also, a uniquely bundled package brought to the industry by AdMobilize and IAdea will be available for inquiries.

The AdMobilize Audience Analytics solution can track real-time ad performance and customer engagement; segment campaigns and content by hour and site; target content by both audience demographic and emotion; and optimize store traffic flow, among other features. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud-based dashboard (real-time in less than 15 milliseconds) or API that allows end users to assess results and performance, identify trends and make any necessary adjustments to the displayed content.

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Source: InfoComm 2018 Show Daily, Day Two Edition

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