IAdea and Laud Media Jointly Improve KOTON’s Customer Experience - IAdea

Upgrading PC-based Solutions to Next-Generation Digital Signage System

Award-winning retail brand, KOTON, has recently upgraded its digital signage system to IAdea and Laud Media. Originated from Turkey, KOTON is in 25 countries with 450 stores, delivering not only the richest fashion collection but also the most captivating advertising content to its fans around the world. Having a robust, versatile communication system in place is imperative to keep the multi-national business running and the customer experience in perfection.

KOTON storefront

Before Laud Media started working with KOTON, Hakan Uçar, IT Director at KOTON, was experiencing constant downtime with the previous PC based Digital Signage system. The problems with the equipment, along with the efforts to configure everything, took at least 1-2 hours of Mr. Uçar`s time almost every day. After Laud Media took over and installed IAdea devices, Mr. Uçar can now enjoy reading the monthly installation reports and invest his time in improving the customer experience. He doesn’t need to worry one bit about his digital signage system. It just works.” – Odd Roar Olsen, Country Manager


  • Industry: Retail
  • Location: Turkey and 15 other countries worldwide
  • Reasons for deployment: upgrade from the previous PC-based solutions


  • Seamless integration of Laud Media software and IAdea hardware
  • Over 500 MPs of the models XMP-3350, XMP-3250, XMP-2200, XMP-2300, XMP-2400, XMP-6200, XMP-6250XMP-7300 and MBR-1100 from IAdea
  • Custom-made software for KOTON’s 25 different display configurations (1x2P, 2x1L, 3x1L and more) worldwide from Laud Media
  • User-friendly control and publishing functionality for KOTON’s in-house StoreRadio system


  • Easy compatibility with KOTON’s in-house StoreRadio
  • Installations at multiple destinations in multiple countries with effective remote management
  • Discrete/hidden installation of technology for in-store setup
  • Scalable solution; that can support future expansion of the system, with particular focus on various types of network connectivity in the different countries and various different display configurations

User Results

  • Much lower downtime and break-down rate vs. previous PC-based solutions
  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) offered by IAdea compared with all other hardware devices considered
  • Lower power consumption than PC-based solutions. Much less sensitive to heat, which is very important in a country as Turkey
  • Much less time needed for system setup and install compared to PC-based solutions (PCs takes about an hour while IAdea media players takes no more than 2 minutes)
  • Laud Media and IAdea: a well-integrated system that effectively configures StoreRadio while offering steady maintenance
  • KOTON to receive a yearly warranty service rate with IAdea Media Players of 0.02%




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