rAVe: ISE 2018 IAdeaCare With Ability to Track Connected Devices

IAdeaCare, with the ability to track all connected digital signage devices remotely, presented by head of PM Clyde Wang at for its industry debut at ISE 2018.

About IAdea

IAdea strives to enable intelligent applications that touch every aspect of your business – customer satisfaction, employee productivity, operation efficiency and most importantly, enhanced quality of overall digital experience.

We are the compute engine behind more than 200,000 displays worldwide. Whether your business in retail or corporate communications, workplace management or transportation, work with us and be a part of our award-winning team.

About IAdeaCare

The target users of IAdeaCare are technicians on the IT or Audio-Visual (AV) teams within enterprises of all sizes. Benefits for the users include:

Cost saving: The cost per field visit can be as high as $1,000 USD. Each business that adopts IAdeaCare is likely to save dramatically on overhead cost, since much of system diagnosis, remote reboot, firmware update and status tracking can all be done remotely.

Peace of mind: Real-time access to what is played on the display anytime anywhere via a laptop or a mobile device is imperative to all corporations that invest in operation efficiency. Besides, with each digital signage device registered with IAdeaCare, it comes with warranty information period shown alongside device configuration details, without having to call or submit a ticket on a website.

Device intelligence: IAdeaCare captures screenshots remotely and collects data from activities on the registered devices. IAdeaCare would be able to prevent device failure with data-driven predictive maintenance, which is designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to proactively perform maintenance.

For more information, visit IAdeaCare web-page.

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