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Automation Is Leaving A Big Mark on The Enterprise Landscape

Organizations the world over are quickly being won over by the possibilities of automation in creating sustainable business practices, raising productivity and developing safer workplaces.

(Image source: IBM, Reinventing Business with Automation)

An Enabler of More Valuable Work

By taking advantage of automation, staff can be re-tasked onto projects that are more valuable to the business. As can be seen above, IBM, typically classifies work into five categories: Repetitive, Administrative, Departmental, Cross-Enterprise and finally, Expert. The end goal of automation is to move as many people as possible within the organization into the Expert work level as this type of work is typically the most highly skilled, unique and creates the most value for the organization.

Enhancing Employee Safety

Other people-oriented benefits include ensuring guest/employee safety, especially in these times when the risk of COVID-19 infection and spread is a top concern. Automation has shown itself to be a key player in aiding disease prevention.

Industry examples include:

  • Entry/exit temperature readings using sensors
  • Contact tracing and automated notifications
  • Outbreak hotspot location predictions
  • Enforcing Social Distancing

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Read more in our Open Workplace Whitepaper for managing worker-to-worker social distancing.

Championing Sustainable Business Practices

Of course, the benefits of automation extend far beyond staff management. IoT devices are drastically improving how large corporate spaces approach resource usage, switching from an ‘always on’ approach to one that automates functions such as heat, artificial and natural lighting, CO2 levels and so on. The result is generally not just a more energy-efficient environment, but a more cost-efficient one as well.


Planon’s Sustainability Management solution enables the measurement, improvement and ongoing monitor of the sustainability profile of an organization’s buildings and processes.

When Workplace Automation Can Go So Right
and Cybersecurity Can Go So Wrong

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