IAdea Security in Workplace Automation - Recognizing the Impact

Recognizing the Impact of Automation

To address automation and security concerns, let’s begin by defining it:

“Workplace automation is the process of managing software, and sometimes hardware, with network connections to create automated workflows. This is often applied to make a repetitive task happen without needing a human to do, or even trigger it.”

For example, the process of automating employee records might involve tracking staff certifications to ensure they are up to date, or identifying training gaps and scheduling instructional sessions to address them, possibly avoiding regulatory compliance fines. On the factory floor, sensors placed on machinery might sense unusual vibration, automatically notifying maintenance so issues can be dealt with before they become costly problems. Other sensors might maintain optimal temperatures or turn off lights in unused areas, dramatically lowering utility bills.

Automation can even occur with such basic tasks as reserving conference rooms. Consider a meeting room booking system: in a perfect world, everyone would book, modify or cancel their reservations as necessary. In the real world, though, people fail to cancel their no longer needed bookings, meetings run beyond their scheduled time, and so on. The result is underutilized space.

With a system integrating both hardware and software that communicate with each other, everything can be automated to become more efficient. If people fail to show to their meeting, sensors can see that the room is unoccupied and the space can be released to another user.

What processes are businesses automating? Watch now to find out what John Wang, IAdea CEO has to say

Access the benefits of automation for your business without compromising security


When Workplace Automation Can Go So Right
and Cybersecurity Can Go So Wrong

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